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Think Like a Customer, Not a Salesman Customer Journey

In my over forty years in business, the most frequent failure I see in people conducting sales functions (after forgetting to ask for the business) is that they seem to think as a salesman rather than a customer.

5 Internet Marketing Strategies For 2019 SmartDesk Marketing Automation

Welcome to 2019 and welcome to the start of your new marketing strategies for 2019. I am going to outline 5 strategies that will help your business succeed, so let’s get started!

7 Reasons Why You Need Marketing Automation SmartDesk Marketing Automation

Once you have decided that you need to take full advantage of the digital opportunity for driving leads and sales, the next step becomes obvious –

Mission: Grow the business by Increasing revenues

This is a great objective for any business, but for SMB this is how we survive. The biggest problem to solve is always more revenue.

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