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Lead teams to success


Sales funnels

Build a better sales process by customizing your own sales funnel and automated communications to your customers.

Sales forecasts

You can't fix what you don't know is broken. See what each pipeline and sales rep is going to close in the next 30, 60, 90 days.

Traffic analytics

No need to login to Google Analytics to see how much traffic you have today and where it is coming from.

Team performance

See how your sales team is performing in real-time. The SmartDesk leaderboard highlights the strengths of each member of the team.

Email notifications

Never miss a lead again. SmartDesk will notify designated sales reps and/or sales managers of all leads that get passed into SmartDesk.


No need to complicated spreedsheets and formulas, SmartDesk will show you dozens of KPI's on multiple dashboards to give you the insights you need to succeed.
Mike Kashani
We needed a CRM solution that would be easy to use for our team and didn't require an expensive setup. SmartDesk was the perfect solution to help us grow.
Mike Kashani
CEO, Berlitz Canada.
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