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Since 1988, Crossgrove & Company has been providing the best advice and solutions for our clients in order to build strong, long term relationships and trust. We are a full service shop – offering advice and plans for individual risk management, group benefits & retirement, and investing tailored to the needs of clients seeking to build, preserve, and transfer wealth.

We provide material sustainable savings, even to the point of eliminating insurance where it isn't needed.  We can offer block pricing with our Administrative Services Only provider, essentially cutting the fat and the costs all in one. What's more is that in dealing with us, your employees will also receive complimentary advisory services to ensure that their group and individual coverage are integrated in a way that has them optimally insured.

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How it Works

Group Benefit Plans are a crucial element in attracting and retaining the very best employees. They are also one of the few remaining forms of tax-effective compensation in Canada, and yet most plans are designed with little attention to the individual client.

At Crossgrove & Company, our team has decades of experience advising clients on their group benefit needs. Using our Acumen Benefit Audit we do a full check-up of your business’ needs, and then offer strategic advice and planning to optimize the performance and sustainable savings of the benefit plan, or even eliminating insurance where it isn’t needed.

As a result Crossgrove & Company is able to offer the best prices for your group benefit needs. We won’t just save you money at the beginning; Crossgrove & Company continuously reviews and updates your benefit plan for your ever changing business. This ensures that you always have the best performing and cost-effective benefit plan.

And after that, we'll provide your employees with complimentary advisory services to ensure that their group and individual coverage works together both effectively and efficiently.


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As independent consultants, we will walk you through the process of either tendering your current plan to market, or help you tailor a plan that fits the needs of your organization, and provide you with the best rates and services available


Tender Review

We canvas the entire market – providing our clients with full transparency as to what rates are currently available for a group of their size and employ our expertise in making sound recommendations, saving our clients time and money


Year after Year

We will identify areas for cost savings while optimizing plan design, negotiate for better rates on your behalf, and document findings while suggesting best courses of action in a detailed report; all while providing your employees with advisory services within

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