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Since 1988, Crossgrove & Company has been providing the best advice and solutions for our clients in order to build strong, long term relationships and trust. We are a full service shop – offering advice and plans for individual risk management, group benefits & retirement, and investing tailored to the needs of clients seeking to build, preserve, and transfer wealth.

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How it Works

We promote investment performance through low fees, tax efficiency, and managing investor behaviour.

What's more, we don’t just look at investments in isolation. Rather, in conducting our analysis and building a recommendation, we consider all factors relevant to your financial future, including but not limited to corporate structure, and life cycle.

As we believe that client relationships are vital for success, we do not define you by a single asset mix, risk profile, or investment policy. By understanding your individual goals and objectives, Crossgrove & Company can review and advise what is best for your unique needs. And by focusing on areas under our client’s control, we strive to outperform other options by reducing known drags on investment performance such as Fees, Taxes and Investor Behavior.


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We will customize a portfolio based on the goals set by you and your family


Set for Success

Our clients can expect investment management fees that are lower than other investment advisors, to have their capital preserved by reducing what we can control - negative alpha - and increase after-tax income


Test of Time

What Standard Finance has ignored, we use to help our clients succeed. An understanding of Behavioral Finance allows us to guide our client’s expectations and behaviors to protect assets during volatile periods and to take advantage of the general public’s misunderstanding of market performance.

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