Marketing results that make you a digital rockstar

Know which campaigns are working in real-time and take the guesswork out of digital marketing.

GLI highly recommends SmartDesk to expand your network and keep your business growing with positive and insightful marketing campaigns. The SmartDesk program keeps GLI focused and informed.
Rob Elkington

Market Smart

Connnect with your customers when they are ready to buy. The marketing automation that works when you're not


Automated Language

No need to create lists to market to your customers in their language. SmartDesk automatically splits campaigns to your audience based on their preferred language.
sales team


Pull data elements from each contact to create a personalized email campaign within the context of a large email campaign.

Tracking and Metrics

SmartDesk uses channel tracking attribution for all leads by campaign to know what marketing is working.


Create automatic response emails that get sent when a specified trigger event takes place.

The right tools to drive the right results


Real time alerts

Real-time notifications alert you when a specified action takes place, such as a prospect clicking the call-to-action in your email.

Email blasts

SmarDesk allows you to send an email campaign to a segment of your contacts or everyone in your system.


Autoresponder emails let your customers know right away that you got their message and what your next step is going to be.


Set your campaign workflow up and let SmartDesk do the rest. You can get on with your day-to-day knowing that your customers are being nurured.

Automate your entire customer cycle

Powerful marketing automation capabilities that route leads and customers through you funnels based on their behaviours and preferences.

With multi-channel toolset, powerful segmentation capabilities and fully customizeable automation pathways, you'll create high-converting marketing campaigns that get you the results you need for business growth.

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Are you ready?

Marketing automation and so much more, simplified.

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SmartDesk is a new and exciting multi channel marketing hub for small to medium sized businesses looking to improve marketing efficiencies across the board.


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