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A comprehensive application to help personalize the customer journey

We highly recommend this company to expand your network and keep your business growing with positive and insightful marketing campaigns. Their SmartDesk program keeps GLI focused and informed.
co-Founder and CEO
Rob Elkington

Manage Smart

The dashboard gives you real-time insights at a glance, helping you accelerate your business forward



Let SmartDesk remind you of important tasks, meetings and events.


Manage all your important tasks, meetings and events in a fully integrated calendar.


Manage individual contacts or by organiztion and create links between the two.


Associate documents with your list of contacts.

Build a relationship with your customers


Monitor activity in real time

Track visitors in real-time that self identify their readiness to buy.

Create groups

Segment your contacts into different groups for easy associations or for marketing activities.

Add contacts on the fly

Your customer service reps or sales teams can quickly add new contacts while at the office or from their mobile device.

Advanced search & filtering

Use our advanced filters to segment your contacts by attributes quickly and easily.

Private Members Area

Easily create an area to give your members access to subscriber specific content.

Let SmartDesk help you manage a private members area for your customers. Whether you want to convert existing contacts to a private loyalty program or if you want your customers to sign-up online, the possibilities are endless when you have SmartDesk as your multi-channel marketing hub.

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SmartDesk is a new and exciting multi channel marketing hub for small to medium sized businesses looking to improve marketing efficiencies across the board.


400 Centre Street South, Whitby, Ontario L1N 4W2

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