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A full suite of marketing, sales, service and lead generation tools to grow your company.

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Get accurate conversion data and tracking through the entire customer lifecycle.


Use SmartDeskCX to close more deals, boost sales team productivity, and reduce time to make a sale.


Maximize customer satisfaction with tools that allow fast response and customer engagement.

The perfect suite of integrated products.

Build and track marketing campaigns, monitor sales activities, and respond to your customers quickly and professionally. All with one application!

Track your marketing
With integrated analytics.

Get complete transparency on all your sales activities and team members.

Integrated UTM Tracking

Simply use our UTM link builder and track all your marketing campaigns in real-time.

Email Automation

Take the manual work out of emailing your customers, simply automate the process and track the results.


Grow your sales
Integrated voice, email and SMS.

Give your sales team the power of communicating with prospects and customers from one platform.

Quickly spot & remove sales roadblocks

Your business needs a sales pipeline CRM to keep track of all deals in their sales life cycle.

Customize to fit your sales process

The sales pipeline is customizable to fit your unique sales process. Add workflow stages, opportunities, and sales reps to each pipeline.

Service your customers
Integrated communications for remote workers.

Setup up employees to work from home while getting complete access to all activities and analytics.

Integrated communiation assets to reduce costs

Setup your team members with all the communication methods required to manage your customers without any hardware.

Transparency and activity tracking

Manage work loads more effectively with detailed real-time activity analytics built right into the SmartDesk service dashboards.


Grow your sales
Generate Lead On The Go!

The SmartDesk has a built in pay-as-you-go lead prospecting tool. Simply profile your ideal prospect and generate as many leads as you need.

Never be without prospects

Generate a list of prospect and nurture and develop them to be sales ready.


Experience the power of an enterprise level prospecting tool without the heavy monthly or annual committment just to have access.

SmartDesk is designed to grow with your

All your data in one place

Create harmony in your business with all your data in one easy to manage place. You save time and money when everyone in your company can communicate effectively.


Email Marketing

Lead Gen

AI Assistant

Sales Leaderboards

Workflow with Triggered Automations

Integrated Voice

Integrated Email

Integrated SMS

Sales Pipelines

Custom Workflows

Tailored Security Settings


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“We needed a CRM solution that would be easy to use for our team and didn't require an expensive setup. SmartDesk was the perfect solution to help us grow.”

Mike Kashani

“SmartDesk helped setup our sales process, website and email communications for our team. We use the platform on a daily basis!”

David Campbell

Segment your teams and give them
the tools to succeed.

By creating user based on roles, your team will have access to the feature set that will optimize their day to day. Administrators have access to all aspects of SmartDesk to get a birds-eye view of the company.

Simple pricing for all.

All types of businesses need access to development resources, so we give you the option to decide how much you need to use.

$ 49 /mo

per user

Setup users by role

Calendar reminders

Record logs of user activity

Custom security access by user

Single sign-on

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Can I keep my website in Wordpress/WIX etc...?

Absolutely. Use our pipeline form builder and pass your leads directly into SmartDesk.


Do I get free updates?

Yes. We make all our updates and improvements available to all our customers. You can track our updates in our changelog.


Can I try SmartDesk for free?

Yup! Start with a 14 day free trial and get the full benefit of all our features.


Is my data secure?

We've built in two factor login and a complete audit trail of all activities by user. As well as localized data centers.

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