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The Smart CRM Solution

The complete 360° solution, from marketing to closing the deal, SmartDesk manages the complete lifecycle of your customers.
Lead Management

Lead management

Manage leads through detailed attribution and custom workflows
Sales Pipelines

Sales pipelines

Create custom pipelines to group incoming leads by product, location or department.
Sales Forecasting

Sales forecasting

Get detailed forecasts of revenue by sales individual or by team


Easy to view dashboards of performance and efficiencies of lead and sales data
Marketing Automation

Marketing automation

Set up automated custom workflows based on criteria that you set

Website & blogs

Full featured content management system to build websites, blogs and emails
Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Optimize website conversions with the help of Google Analytics
Marketing Campaigns

Marketing campaigns

Set up, track and manage campaigns with real-time performance data
Project Management

Project management

Create projects & tasks for your sales and marketing teams


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360° view of your customer engagement

All data for each of your customers is accessible in a single view for the full lifecycle engagement.

Single view of your customer
Email templates

Easily send beautiful emails that engage and convert

Build engaging emails that will compel your customers to respond. With our simple email marketing templates, you can send messages that really stand-out. Your next customer is just a few clicks away.

Multi-language management

SmartDesk has native language management integrated into our core functionality. Managing a multi-language website and contact database has never been easier. Your customers receive communication in the language that they first engaged with you.

Multi-language management
Measure results

Make data driven decisions

Track and quantify every lead from its source with dynamic real-time dashboards. Gain insights into your sales and marketing data that make it easy to know where to your next customers will come from.

Build websites, blogs and landing pages

Code your own or select from our list of high converting landing pages and engaging website designs within SmartDesk. Our team will help you get started and the easy to use editor will have you managing your own website in no time.

Websites and landing pages
Unlimited personalization

Custom Personalization

Create multiple accounts, websites, landing pages, workflows, email automation campaigns and projects. There are no limits to your potential and growth with SmartDesk.

All the tools and features to empower your teams

Sales teams

Streamline and automate sales processes and tasks to increase team productivity. Handle your customer's sales journey from the initial lead capture to sale and retention.

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Marketing teams

Grow and nurture your contacts - not just organize it. Give your team access to a full suite of digital marketing capabilities to generate high quality leads.

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Service teams

Keep your customers happy after winning them! Use a powerful set of issue management, membership and communication solutions to create and maintain positive customer relationships.

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Business owners

If you can't see the metrics of your sales teams performance in real time you are shooting in the dark when trying to fix problems and make accurate forecasts.

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