SmartDesk Affiliate/Partner Program

It is simple and profitable.

Our partner program is designed to rapidly accelerate new customer acquisition, increase revenue for all our partners and generate a higher sustainable cash-flow business model. We designed this program so that you can expect a real return on your time spent with SmartDesk.

The perfect platform to enhance your services.

Build and track marketing campaigns, generate and track new sales opportunities. All with one platform!

For Our Partners

Our partners range from web development companies, digital marketing agencies, sales consulting firms, affiliates, influencers and many more types of businesses that are looking to grow their client base and offer more strategic solutions.

As a partner, you benefit from access to an integrated suite of highly effective tools that you get to resell and support to your customer base. The added service offering, and revenue model, create a increased cash-flow and a more sustained revenue model.


Your customers remain your customers. SmartDesk is introduced to your customers as a product offering. We support our product, you support your customers.

Join our growing team

To be a Partner

As a SmartDesk partner we have a vested interest in your success, and we believe success is worth investing in. We offer a co-marketing campaign that features your company in conjunction with our product offering. All leads generated from this program are referred to your sales team to close the sale.


Partnering for success.

Because we invest in every partner we take on, we just don't take on anyone. We are looking for passionate and motivated partners who want to grow.

As a partner you don't have any quotas or minimums to meet to qualify or stay in the program. We do ask for a level of commitment to the goals of the program to ensure that we can continue to support your company. Here is a list of requirements.

Partner Marketing Program.

Our marketing program is executed with the new partner once the requirement criteria is met. We invest our time and money in you to make sure you are successful with us. We assign a relationship manager to your account to answer any questions along the way and to make sure you have everything you need to succeed.

Existing Customes

You should have a base of existing customers that you can sell to.

Dedicated Person

You must dedicate a person on your team that will be accountable to the success of the partnership.

Academy Certificate

You must have at least one person on your team complete the training program (3 hours).

SmartDesk Partner

You must feature SmartDesk as an offering on your website.

Your Committment

Be committed to the success of the program.

Lead by Example

We recommend you use SmartDesk for your own company (Not mandatory)

Lead Integrity

Leads generated by SmartDesk must be sold SmartDeskCX.

We invest in our partnership to make sure you are setup to succeed.

Our partner program is designed to grow your

We invest in every partner we take on

Our partner program is designed to build on each of our strengths. The more we can enable and empower you to do more the better you will do.

Press release announcing the partnership

Social media promotion on our social channels

Feature listing on our partner page (coming soon)

No cost training program

No commission to SmartDesk on referrals for service contracts


See SmartDesk in action so you can see how easy it is to integrate into your sales cycle

SmartDesk Commissions Chart

SmartDesk Partner Levels (Earn Higher Commission Rates) and Examples.

Partners who achieve higher levels of referrals, sales and customer retention can earn higher rates of commissions. Below are the current tiers and associated commission rates:

Program Level Volume Commission Average Sale Affiliate Earnings
Bronze 1 to 5 12% $600 $360/mth
Silver 6 to 10 15% $600 $900/mth
Gold 11 to 20 18% $600 $2,160/mth
Platinum 21+ 20% $600

above: Commission as % of Third Month’s Fees



New customer lead must not be in an active sales process with SmartDesk

To qualify for commissions, the customer must be an active customer (Payments current) for 60 days (implementation period), plus the number of days at the end of that month. For example, a Customer who makes a purchase on February 10th must still be a customer on April 30th.

The customer must land on and sign up on a smartdeskcrm.com landing page in order to be properly tracked or be manually registered as a lead by the Affiliate.

Commissions are paid out over a 24 month period for affiliate referrals.

Other limitations may apply.


You do not receive additional commission if a customer upgrades to a higher priced product in the future. You also do not lose commission if they downgrade to a lower tiered product in the future, outside of the 60-day implementation period.

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