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Customer Service

SmartDeskcx brings all your customer service data and channels together on one CRM platform.

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SmartDeskcx makes customer service easy as one, two, three.

Allow your customer support team to have access to the resources to communicate easily and effectively with your customers. Customers want easy access to your team, SmartDeskcx gives you the tools to manage everyday interactions to get quick resolutions to your customers.

Integrated voice calling

Make calls directly from your browser and keep them on file for reminders of previous conversations.

SMS messaging

Leverage text messaging and maximize your client communication channels. Reach your customers where they are.

Direct Emailing

Turn routine emails into templates and maximize your time by emailing directly from your SmartDeskcx application.

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A CRM with an integrated phone system

Built-in virtual phone system from SmartDeskcx allows you to make calls directly from your browser to provide seamless communication with you customers. Make and receive more sales calls with SmartDeskcx's integrated calling features.


Store conversations


Log average call times

Built-in dialer


Automatic case distribution

Integrated communications

Voice, text and emails

A simple web-based service that efficiently handles calls, voicemails, and messages for your business using high quality VoIP technology.


Assign numbers to services team

Purchase multiple local and toll free virtual phone numbers from SmartDeskcx and assign them to your customer service reps.


Built-in dialer

The built-in phone system allows for one click calls to connect to your customers. Call recording and downloading is available with each call.


Add notes during calls

Discussed something important while on the call? Add important notes during your calls.


Auto call logs in activity

Our virtual phone system automatically logs all incoming and outgoing calls for you as an activity.


Managing customer service teams
has never been easier

Whether your sales team is in the office, on the road or working from home. Get real-time analytics on everyone's activies.




Pipeline dashboards

Case response time


Create workflows



Powerful API's and integrations

Leverage the industry leaders that SmartDeskcx has integrated into the application, or API your favorite application with SmartDeskcx


Trust in the power of SendGrid to get all your email campaigns to your customers and prospects.

Google Analytics

Get all the important Google Analytics data within the SmartDeskcx CMS.


Connect with customers via text messages, emails, voice calls and video from SmartDeskcx.

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