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SmartDesk is a better way to expand your agency business

New Business

We pass our agency and service leads on to you. We are focused on building the best tools in the industry to maximize your and your customers’ success!


More Revenue

SmartDesk offers partners a complete set of tools for one price. The math is simple. Less cost + less time = more profit. Sign me up!

Stronger Connection

By providing more capabilities to your customers you create a stronger connection to more parts of their business. Their success is your success!


Better Support

SmartDesk is committed to the partner channel's success. Your success is our success!

Easy Management

Web pages, web statistics, blog management, blog statistics, leads, sales numbers, email campaigns, email statistics, document management, all from one signin to each of your clients!


Aggregated Data

By providing your customers with ALL their data and statistics in one location with one login, it is safe to say your clients aren't going anywhere.


How SmartDesk
works with you

We are not an agency, your customers are yours

  • You bill for your services, we bill for SmartDesk
  • Offer reduced pricing options for single user systems
  • Single sign-on: Manage all your clients with one login.
  • We offer full customer support on your behalf
  • Earn increasing revenues as your clients grow
  • Advanced training program and certification available

What partnership is right for you?

Referral Partners

SmartDesk's Referral Partnership Program is for businesses in a position to refer opportunities to our sales teams. We offer a great scalable commission structure and great value to your clients.
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Reseller Partners

SmartDesk's Sales Partnership Program is for businesses who can engage clients in a sales discussion, refer them to us or close sales of SmartDesk, using the templates and sales materials provided by SmartDesk. We offer a great commission structure and our plans offer great value to you and your clients.
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Service Partners

SmartDesk's Service Partnership Program is for businesses who want to transform the way their clients succeed in the marketplace. We offer business leads, a great commission structure with long lasting benefits for referrals, sales as well as recurring commissions for retention. Whether you are referring opportunities or working alongside your clients, our plans offer great value to you and your clients.
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Community Partners

SmartDesk's Community Partnership Program is for organizations that may contribute to the growth of our community. Perhaps you are a not-for-profit organization, a critical service, a charity or an educational institution; regardless we offer special discounts and assistance to organizations engaged in helping to build our communities.
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Technology Partners

SmartDesk's Technology Partnership Program is for businesses that offer technology that integrates with SmartDesk through API’s or other simple methods, all to the value of our customers’ success. We offer special pricing of our software, co-branding opportunities, leads and referrals.
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SmartDesk's Startup Partnership Program is for any emerging business referred by a NACO organization (e.g. Spark Angel Investment Network) who want to grow their business through accelerated marketing and sales. We offer special pricing and services to help the startup expand their foothold in the marketplace.
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Partnership and so much more, simplified.

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SmartDesk is a new and exciting multi channel marketing hub for small to medium sized businesses looking to improve marketing efficiencies across the board.


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