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Forward thinking businesses understand that making it easy for your customers makes it easy for them to stay.

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One-time 50% Commission*

Referral Partners

SmartDesk's Referral Partnership Program is for businesses or professionals in a position to refer opportunities to our sales teams. We offer a great scalable commission structure and great value to your clients. Start earning money for just pointing people in the right direction!

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*Paid on one month value of MRR

One-time 100% Commission*

Reseller Partners

SmartDesk's Sales Partnership Program is for businesses who can engage clients in a sales discussion, refer them to us or close sales independently, using the templates and sales materials provided by SmartDesk. We offer a great commission structure and our plans offer great value to you and your clients.

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*Paid on one month value of MRR

Up to 118% plus monthly earnings**

Service/Integration Partners

SmartDesk's Service & Integration Partnership Program is for businesses who want to transform the way their clients succeed in the marketplace. We offer business leads, a great commission structure with long lasting benefits for referrals, sales as well as recurring commissions for retention.

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**Paid on one month value of MRR plus up to 2.5% of MRR

We built SmartDesk for companies like you

Get better retention and growth with your customers

By providing more capabilities to your customers you create a stronger connection to more parts of their business. With a single sign-in you are able to access all of your customers from one login. Access all web and marketing resources, as well as a single sign-in for each of your clients to their account!

Your customers remain your customers. SmartDesk is introduced to your customers as a product offering. We support our product, you support your customers.

Seamless integration

Data transfer is just a few clicks.

Move web assets, contacts, and email campaigns easily into SmartDesk. Give your customers access to a powerful marketing, sales and service application while you maintain creative control and execution of all marketing and web services.

Create your customer

Migrate or create from scratch all the digital assets that your customers need to effectively engage their customers.

We support your customers

No need to become a SmartDeskcx expert in order to partner with us. All technical support questions and issues are handled by our team.

You earn and grow

You own your customers and the relationship with them. We are here to support your success and any issues your customers may have.